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About BDC

BDC is a consultancy and service company in the field of Intellectual Property (IP) Rights for non-profit organisations as well as for small and medium sized companies with a special focus in life sciences with the following three major activities: BDC relies on a team with different experiences in Intellectual Property especially patent and trademark rights, licensing, law, business development, marketing and technology transfer. Furthermore, BDC has an international network of IP experts and IP service providers as well as Life Sciences experts.

The USP of BDC is to bridge Intellectual Property relevant know-how with that of business experience. In this context BDC has continuously optimized and re-engineered on an industrial basis the different processes within the tech transfer and the IP value chain with the result of an increased efficiency and effectiveness in conjunction with the establishing of an attractive prize/earning ratio with transparent pricings for its customers.

Due to its practical knowledge and experience in the field, BDC’s optimized processes and services can be fully customized and provided in high Swiss quality for affordable prizes for the best of its customers.

"There is only one chance for filing a patent!"

Dr. Steffen Schwarz
(Intellectual Property Expert)

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