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In 2006 BDC evaluated more than 30 inventions: A summary of these activities is given below

25.05.2007 - In 2006 BDC evaluated more than 30 inventions on patentability and commercial prospects. These inventions emerged from a wide range of scientific research fields comprising e.g. the new use of a known drug to treat diabetes, a 3-dimensional bioreactor for mesenchymal progenitor cells, a sensitive NMR imaging modality for the generation of magnetization transfer weighted images obtained from diagnosis or treatment of pathologic tissue.

Although most of the inventions in 2006 had a considerable affinity and proposed solutions to unresolved problems of the high-tech industry, BDC also examined quite an number of promising inventions which did not have an explicit high-tech character, but, nonetheless, brought forth sophisticated concepts such as a computer-implemented method for predicting a patient's risk of and susceptibility to being afflicted by specific diseases or a computer-assisted learning method for diabetics in dealing with their disease. In contrast to the high-tech projects mentioned above, these submissions revealed solutions to problems which were already fitter for everyday applications.

Inventions and/or concepts need not to necessarily contain patentable subject matter to achieve or be vested with commercial potential. In many cases where an invention is not considered to meet the patentability criteria, design, trademark and know-how protection may also be an appropriate -and sometimes even a cheaper- strategy for starting a successful business or further development. Although several projects were rated non- or limitedly patentable, some initiators have been maintaining their projects and further promote them.


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