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Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are often regarded as an opportunistic option and expensive evil to exclude others from using proprietary technologies, products or methods. However, Intellectual Property Rights are more than that; they can be used as strategic tools and eminent assets to achieve the business objectives of a company.

It is BDC’s aim, in close cooperation with the customer’s management, to turn the companies Intellectual Property assets into Intellectual Capital for the benefit and growth of the enterprise. In this context, BDC’s unique approach is to combine BDC’s knowledge in the field of Intellectual Property Rights with that of the strategic aspects of business development.

BDC offers the following services in Intellectual Property Rights Strategy and Consulting:

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Case Example

IP Due Dilligence

The impact of rising R&D costs and focusing on a limited number of research fields has led big players to pay far greater attention to their portfolio strategies by in-licensing third party... [read more...]


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