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Technology Transfer and Brokerage

Best practices in Technology Transfer (TT) do not only include the actual transfer or licensing of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and/or knowledge from one party to another. It already starts with the identification of valuable technologies and the choice of the adequate protection measurement, followed by setting up commercialisation, licensing, selling and/or collaboration strategies before initiating a subsequent search for licensing, acquisition or collaboration partners. The negotiation and conclusion of the final IP transfer and licensing contracts as well as the audit of such agreements are then the valuable outcomes of an entire tech transfer value chain.

Having operated the Office of Technology Transfer of a Swiss University including the University Hospital as well as the University of Applied Sciences for the past 13 years BDC has gained extensive esperience in the daily technology transfer business. A broad network and contacts of industry partners as well as technical experts and consultants for valuing technologies has been established. Thereby, BDC has not only gained all the necessary experience in the entire TT value chain but has also successfully further developed and optimized processes and modules on a standardized basis covering the different aspects of Technology Transfer and Brokerage.

BDC offers the following services in Tech Transfer and Brokerage:

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